The Candle Collection

At Conner's Corner Collectibles, Antiques, Boutique & Gifts, we love to appeal to all of the senses.  We have so much to see, comfortable t-shirts so soft to touch, vintage vinyl for listening, and wonderful fragrant candles scents to fill  your home.  One of our favorite Texas based candle sources is The Tyler Candle Company, focused on fragrance!  We offer their candles in three sizes:  3.4 oz., 11 oz., and 22 oz.

Manufactured in the United States, Tyler Candle wicks are lead free with pure zinc core cotton wicks.

We currently stock the following scents:

Bless Your Heart:  Innocent, sweet, playful & always truly genuine.  Raw vanilla, bergamot, Sicilian orange, raspberry, fig leaves, lily of the valley, cotton candy and musk, ended with woody notes.

Blueberry Blitz:  Untamed, tart & invigorating scent of blueberries.

Butter Vanilla:  Rich creamy butter cake mixed with the sweetness of vanilla.

Celebrity: A rich, sensual floral essence & sparkling blend with a rich Oriental drydown!!!

Cinnabuns:  Sweet cinnamon rolls straight from the oven!

Cowboy:  Loaded with the rugged aroma of leather!

Cucumber Melon:  Fresh cut melon melded with crisp cucumber!

Diva:  A warm, complex blend overflowing with delicious fruits and rich florals, aromatic chocolate and amber.

Entitled: Rich sugared oranges meld with tart lemons and limes, reminiscent of exotic mountain greens.

Family Tradition:  Cinnamon, clove & brown sugar drench ripe raisins doused in rum.  Creamy vanilla & crushed Tonka beans complete this must have scent!

French Market:  Fresh floral with notes of gardenia and tuberose.

High Maintenance:  Floral, woody blend combined with patchouli and vanilla with a heavy musk undertone.  

Hippie Chick:  A hint of vanilla bean melds with rich exotic patchouli.

Homecoming:  Spiced orange and cinnamon combined with allspice.

Icon:  Spicy, sporty, original, and truly unforgettable!  Notes of sandalwood blend with ambergris, violet leaves, French verbena, and Florentine iris.

Kathina:  Sensual lily of the valley intertwined with citrus and rose. 

Limelight:  Invitingly clean, fresh fusion of Mandarin oranges with a shocking touch of lime as a top note.  A slight undertone of rich vanilla bean oil gives this scent a unique twist.

Mango Tango: A sweet and juicy dance for the senses!! Rich mango, sweet papaya & tart guava create this luscious fragrance! Create your own tropical paradise!

Mediterranean Fig:  Sun baked Italian figs mixed with a hint of sandalwood and musk.

Mulberry Moments:  Imagine sitting in the midst of a mulberry garden.

Mulled Cider:  Rich apples blended with a dash of citrus, cinnamon & clove.

Passion:  Strawberries sprinkled with vanilla and coconut smothered in whipped cream.

Pineapple Crush:  A tantalizing burst of fresh sweet pineapple.  

Pumpkin Spice:  Pumpkins simmered with ginger & cloves with a dash of nutmeg.

Tyler Rose:  Known all over the world for its prize roses...this is the only fragrance worthy of the name - Tyler Rose!