Rootology Breathe Free Nasal, Sinus & Eye Health

  • $16.99

Do you suffer from seasonal allergies?  Are you trying to stay away from taking so many medicines?  This is the best relief we have found and it's ALL NATURAL!!! Rick used to dread those shots at the doctor's office...but no more!  Not since he discovered Rootology!  He keeps a bottle in both of our trucks and even in his golf bag! Rootology is a non-drowsy herbal supplement made from 13 powerful herbal extracts for fast-acting natural nasal & sinus support.  Ingredients include: xanthium fruit, forsythia fruit, platycodon root, Angelica root, magnolia flower, cinnamon twig, schizonepeta stem and ledebouriella root.  We sell this supplement in 40 capsule and 120 capsule bottles.  Why suffer any longer?  Order yours today!