Texaco Buy the Best Sign

  • $32.00

  • TEXACO OFFICIAL PRODUCT : Everyone will think Grandpa handed this very self-assured sign down to you. Perfect touches of rust add a feeling of authenticity to this domed design from the Texaco era. Hang it up on your garage wall, then daydream about quaint gas stations from road trips gone by.
  • Fun Vintage Sign : This retro Texaco Sign will have your guests asking questions of where you found it and loving the vibe. Great weathered look and feel.
  • Material : Constructed with Embossed Metal for a sturdy and top quality feel. This is meant to not only look vintage but to become vintage itself.:
  • Places to Use : Perfect for garages, sheds, barns, man caves, bedrooms, offices and many more locations
  • Size : 26" W X 15" H X 0.5" D

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