Jim Shore

At Conner's Corner Collectibles, Antiques, Boutique & Gifts, we LOVE Jim Shore!  We offer hundreds of Jim Shore Collectibles. As Jim Shore adds to his offerings, we add to ours.  We always pack carefully and try our best to ship within one business day of payment.  If you have a question about our Jim Shore collection, please call us at 903-268-2749 or email us at connerscornercollectibles@gmail.com.

About Jim Shore:  Jim Shore grew up in rural South Carolina, the son of artistic parents who instilled a love of American folk art. His grandmother was a master quilter who taught him the patience and skill to bring intricate designs to life. Jim worked decades developing his craft, manufacturing his own designs and traveling the country to sell his work. Finally in 2001, he partnered with Enesco to create Heartwood Creek, the successful brand that brought Jim world-wide fame. (from the Jim Shore website)