Safari Ltd

 Conner’s Corner Collectibles,     Antiques, Boutique and Gifts always   hunts for unique items for the whole family. Among these items are a group of collectible, realistic toy animals and creatures from Safari, Ltd.

Meet Alexandre & Christina Pariente, CEO and President of Safari Ltd®, and say hello to the next generation of the Safari family: Ocean, Wild & Disco!

Almost 40 years ago, Safari Ltd® was founded by Alexandre’s grandparents. Alexandre & Christina are so pleased to be able to continue in that tradition and to expand their mission of inspiring children around the world!

Alexandre & Christina lead Safari Ltd® every day with the help of a small team (who are like family). It’s their mission to inspire kiddos to learn about the natural world and to foster a deep appreciation for Mother Nature through the joy of play. Their mission is to inspire children to learn and love nature.

Every day, they feel so much genuine joy to get to do the work they do, to keep pouring love and craftsmanship into their toys so they can keep inspiring kids around the globe.